Culling food at a supermarket

Many types of businesses and institutions generate food scraps at their facilities. Larger food-centered businesses like超级市场, catering operations, and food processors typically have large amounts of food scraps and can benefit significantly by diverting this material from disposal. In addition, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection established a commercial organics waste ban, which went into effect on October 1, 2014. Under this ban, businesses or institutions that generate one ton or more of food material per week for disposal must divert that material from disposal to other uses.

为了帮助企业遵守Massachusetts环境保护部(MassAd Dep)废弃食品废物和其他材料的废物禁令,Recyclingworks开发了以下各个部门特定的提示板,以英语和西班牙语提供。万博下载客户端万博平台网址多少额外业务部门的提示表将在下面发布,因为它们可用。如果您有兴趣将这些材料中的任何转化为另一种语言,请联系RecyclingWorks万博平台网址多少(888)

PDF.Waste Ban Compliance Tips for Colleges & Universities [English][Español]

PDF.Waste Ban Compliance Tips for Restaurants [English][Español]



物业经理的废物禁令合规技巧[English] [Español]

幸运的是,有米any options for how to make better use of food and divert food scraps from disposal. These include up front source reduction, donation and food rescue, use of on-site systems, and off-site uses including animal feed, composting, and anaerobic digestion. This page serves as a hub to provide links to further resources and guidance on how to reduce food waste in your business or institution, and how to divert wasted food from disposal in the trash.

Key Food Waste Links

One of the first steps you should take is to estimate your food waste using theRecyclingWorks Food Waste Estimation Guide.


减少源头的食物垃圾万博下载客户端is the best way to reduce wasted food from both an environmental and economic perspective.

Donating foodto feed those in need is also an excellent social, environmental, and economic outcome for using food that is still high quality and safe to serve.

In addition, food scraps can be sent to farms or other operations as animal feed, composted, or sent to digestion facilities. For more information on these options, see our page onhow to comply with the organics waste ban. In order to send food scraps to any of these outlets, it is important that the food materials are separated and collected in a way that controls any nuisance concerns and ensures that contaminants such as plastic or rubber gloves are separated. For more guidance on how to properly separate and collect wasted food, see our page在源分离上.

除了我们的技术援助对于生成食物废料的企业和机构,马萨诸塞州的回收作品还提供了帮助堆肥运营改善其运营的援助。有关更多信息,请访问我们的compost site technical assistance网页。

Food Waste Case Studies

RecyclingWorks has helped many businesses and institutions to implement food waste management programs. Read some of their stories below.

Lenox Hotel

了解雷诺克斯酒店一直保持成功ful food waste diversion program, donating over 80 meals per month and diverting 312,000 pounds of food scraps for composting each year. See the previousLenox Hotel Case Study(2014)了解有关计划实施的更多信息。

Food Donation

学习关于food donation programs at the Medford Whole Foods and the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel.

PDF.食品捐赠案例研究: Read more about the successful donation programs at Whole Foods in Medford and the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel.

UMass Amherst

学习关于UMass Amherst’s food recovery efforts across the food recovery hierarchy, including source reduction, donation, and composting.

PDF.UMass Amherst Case Study:更多关于减少源减少,食物捐赠和堆肥的肥胖汤来自umass amherst。

Umass Amherst也在Recyclingworks的教学视频中得到推荐Source Separation Best Management Practices.

Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel


PDF.波士顿威斯汀海滨酒店案例研究: Learn more about the Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel’s food waste diversion and food donation program.

Boston Public Market

Learn how Boston Public Market, with the help of RecyclingWorks, donates surplus food and compost food scraps.

PDF.Boston Public Market Case Study: Learn more about food donation and composting of food scraps from Boston Public Market.

Town of Lenox


PDF.Lenox镇案例研究: Learn more about food scraps diversion in Lenox.



PDF.马萨诸塞艺术和设计学院Case Study: Learn more about the food waste diversion program at MassArt.

Gardner Ale House

了解Recyclingworks如何帮助Gardner Ale House建立一个成功的计划,以便在商业有机体禁令之前将食物碎片转移到场外养猪场。

PDF.Gardner Ale House Case Study: Gardner Ale House in diverts over 70% of its waste by composting and recycling.

America’s Food Basket Supermarkets

Learn how America’s Food Basket stores worked with CERO, an employee-owned cooperative, and RecyclingWorks to implement a successful composting program.

PDF.美国食品篮子案例研究: Read about the ways America’s Food Basket supermarkets divert 4.5 tons per week of source separated organics, totaling 234 tons annually.

River Valley Market


Worcester State University Composting

Learn how Worcester State University set up a successful off-site composting program to comply with the commercial organics waste ban and divert 60 tons of food waste annually.

Deerfield Academy

了解Deerfield Academy如何通过堆肥,捐赠和其他废物减少努力转移80%的废物。

UMASS Amherst Blue Wall Cafe

PDF.Blue Wall Case Study: Learn how the University of Massachusetts diverted over 1200 pounds of food waste per day by implementing a composting program.

Boston University Dining Services

PDF.Boston University Case Study:了解波士顿大学如何从2007年从2007年转移到的4吨有机废物中的堆肥计划到2011年超过850吨。


PDF.Hilton Garden Inn Case Study: Learn about how the Hilton Garden Inn has implemented commercial composting in the Devens area.

Cooley Dickinson Hospital

PDF.Cooley Dickinson Case Study了解Cooley Dickinson医院使用的简单步骤,用于扩展其堆肥计划并转移60吨有机垃圾!


PDF.蓝色人群Case Study:了解蓝人集团如何扩展其回收系统,开始食品废物转移,并在满足内部绿色举措时大大减少了废物处理成本。万博下载客户端


PDF.Big Y Supermarket Case History:了解大型超市如何在2010年通过转移其有机材料和可撤资的可供出售来节省240万美元。万博平台网址多少

Northampton Brewery

PDF.Northampton Brewery: Learn about Northampton Brewery’s commitment to a low environmental impact and the measures that allow them to divert 300 tons of food waste annually.

Harvard University

PDF.哈佛案例研究: Learn how Harvard University achieves 55% waste diversion, despite limited storage and dock space, by utilizing technology and student involvement.



Clio Case Study:阅读关于波士顿的CLIO餐厅的步骤,MA每年服用近50,000磅的食物垃圾!万博下载客户端

Genzyme Corporation


Genzyme Case Study: Learn about the challenges and accomplishments of Genzyme Corporation’s food waste management program, and the steps they implemented to divert 6,620 lbs of food waste in the first year!

状态Street Corporation


州街案例研究: State Street Corporation decreased their total waste volume by 13% simply by implementing a pre-consumer composting program!

学习关于recycling other materials

For more information on other commonly recycled materials visit these pages:

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