Why should you recycle paper?

Newspaper Recycling自1994年以来,禁止在马萨诸塞州禁止可回收纸张Massachusetts Waste Bans


To help businesses comply with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (Mass DEP) Waste Ban for paper and other materials, RecyclingWorks developed the following sector-specific tip sheets, available in both English and Spanish. Tip sheets for additional business sectors will be posted below as they are available. If you are interested in having any of these materials translated into another language, please contact RecyclingWorks at(888)254-5525orinfo@www.nb-silong.com.






The paper recycling process generally shreds paper in to fine pieces and adds water to the paper, creating a slurry mixture. The slurry is then applied to a screen-like surface and is mechanically dried to make new paper products.


Paper RecyclingThe paper recycling process is a highly mechanical one. Each time a piece of paper gets recycled, the fibers (remember paper comes from tree fibers) are somewhat broken down. High grade office paper can be recycled into new copy and printer paper and works very reliably in today’s office machines. As this paper goes through the recycling process repeatedly, it may become newspaper and magazine stock. Newspaper can be deinked and recycled into new newspaper stock which eventually can become bathroom tissue and paper towels, after which it is no longer recyclable, but can be composted.



文件包含机密或森西tive information are often disposed of as trash, either as is or after being shredded. However, there are many service providers that can recycle this material while ensuring the destruction of personal and sensitive information. For businesses and institutions that choose to process (i.e. shred) confidential and sensitive documents in-house, it is recommended to talk with your recycling hauler about whether or not they accept shredded paper in recycling bins.

马萨诸塞州有许多企业,可以帮助您回收敏感或机密文书工作。有关帮助查找纸质碎片或文件销毁服务,请搜索我们的database of recyclersorclick here完整列表。

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