Tips for Starting a Recycling Program at Your Business

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts is here to walk you through the basic steps of starting a new recycling or composting program or improving on an existing program. We provide general guidance on this site but if you have specific questions, or would like to requestRECYCLINGWORKS技术援助, we encourage you to call our hotline at(888) 254-5525或者向我们发送电子邮件

Step 1: Learn About Your Current Program

Your business probably already has a system in place to deal with waste and recycling. Take some time to learn about the current programs and create a Green Team task force to help you move forward – that task force could be one person or a group of people depending on the size of your organization. Most importantly a Green Team should have the support of management. Gather all the information you can from your current hauler; service agreement, waste bills, tonnage reports and any failed load notices.


  • How much and what type of waste does your business generate?
  • Who is your current waste hauler? What trash and recycling services do they provide?
  • What is the frequency of collection, number and type of collection containers, materials collected, and service costs?
  • 目前计划的表现是什么?可回收物品仍在处理吗?
  • Who from your organization will be involved in implementing any changes? Management?



  • Are recycling containers adequate and clearly labeled?
  • Do staff members understand the recycling program and its benefits?
  • Can recycling be made easier to increase participation?
  • 通过更多的回收或减少废物产生垃圾服务和成本可以减少吗?
  • 您可以为您的回收计划添加万博平台网址多少材料吗?
  • 你能拯救我ey by reducing waste up front by buying less or switching from disposable to reusable products?

Please refer to the RecyclingWorks单流回收webpage for more information on implementing an effective single stream recycling program in your organization.




  • 知道您要回收并估算万博平台网址多少音量的材料。
  • 询问您的物品是如何准备拾取的。
  • 确保搬运工可以向您保证,一旦收集,材料将被适当处理。万博平台网址多少
  • Find out if the hauler offers onsite waste audits, indoor collection containers, signage, educational materials or trainings to help improve your program.
  • Ask how your hauler can help you save money through reduced disposal costs.

For a detailed tip sheet about contracting for trash, recycling, and food waste hauling services, see2ManBetX登陆 . Learn more about containers serviced by your hauler and other equipment options on theEquipment for Collecting Trash, Recycling, and Food Wastewebpage.

Use the RecyclingWorks查找-A-Recycler工具to search our database and connect with recycling and composting service providers in your area.


For larger organizations, a Green Team with a diverse cross section of departmental members can help the program implementation succeed. Communication, signage, and proper employee training are crucial to success. Involve the people who will be handling the material as much as possible in the planning stages. If a third party service is involved, bring them into the process. RecyclingWorks can also help through our hotline or customized no-cost技术援助.


设置或改进回收或堆肥计划可能很棘手。我们在手头回收专家回答你的问题,所以你需要帮助,致电我们的热线(888) 254-5525或者向我们发送电子邮件 RecyclingWorks representatives are standing by to help you navigate the process.