Compost Site Technical Assistance

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts no-cost Compost Site Technical Assistance supports food waste composting infrastructure in Massachusetts and helps to ensure well operated sites by providing consulting advice on best management practices. RecyclingWorks can assist composting facilities in Massachusetts that are:

  • An agricultural, municipal or private facility that currently engages in composting materials including food materials, and would like to implement operational improvements or expand the operation.
  • An agricultural, municipal or private facility that currently does not engage in any composting but would like to begin composting, including accepting food materials.
  • An agricultural, municipal or private facility that currently engages in leaf and yard waste composting and would like to begin composting food materials.
  • A business or institution that would like to begin composting food waste on-site.

Composting experts contracted through RecyclingWorks provide technical assistance to facilities. Composting experts conduct 1-2 site visits and utilize an operational best management practices (BMPs) checklist prepared by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) to assess each facility. To this end, every facility that receives technical assistance from a contracted composting expert will be given a written report that includes findings from the operational checklist, detailed observations, and analysis, and suggestions for how the facility can successfully begin a food waste composting operation or improve existing operations.

Note: Sites need to be permitted through MassDEP or MDAR or in the process of obtaining a permit in order to receive RecyclingWorks assistance. On-site assistance is not suited for small-scale or home composting. Please see the Additional Resources section below and contact RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts with any

Additional Resources

Compost Site Operator Workshops

RecyclingWorks also organizes workshops for compost site operators in Massachusetts. These half-day workshops are geared towards:

  • Food materials composting operations registered withMDARorMassDEP
  • Municipal operators
  • Small scale site operators
  • Other parties considering starting a compost site.

Check theevent listings在我们的网站上看看车间目前年代cheduled.

Spring 2021 –Compost Site Practical Skills Workshop

Fall 2019 –Compost Site Practical Skills Workshop

Spring 2018 –Technical Skills Compost Workshop

Compost Site Operations Management Training for Health Officers

RecyclingWorks organizes compost site operations management trainings for health officers in Massachusetts. Attendees receive an overview ofMDARandMassDEPregulations for compost sites as well as a training presentation on Best Management Practices for well-maintained compost sites from a composting expert contracted through RecyclingWorks. This training is designed to meet the requirements for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for registered sanitarians (RS), Certified Health Officers (CHO), and Registered Environmental Health Specialists (REHS) and attendees will receive a certificate of completion.

Check theevent listings在我们的网站上看看车间目前年代cheduled.

Winter 2020 –Compost Site Operations Management Training for Health Officials(Northampton)

Spring 2019 –Compost Site Operations Management Training for Health Officials(Lakeville)

Request Assistance

If you are interested in requesting free technical assistance, attending a future workshop, or would like more information, please contact RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts at (888) 254-5525 or by email