What is Reuse?

Reclaimed Bath tubsReduce-Reuse-Recycle, is a slogan that has been around for years, but the “re-use” part is often overlooked. Reuse is different from recycling because materials and products are used “as is” without needing to be processed or re-manufactured. By seeking out opportunities for others to reuse your materials you will reduce the volume and associated costs of waste disposal, preserve raw materials from unnecessary production, and provide a benefit to your community. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

How can you make it happen?

For businesses and institutions, there are a mix of resources available to help make reuse happen. Some are focused on business materials. Others have a more traditionally residential base, but also accept business-generated materials. In all cases, materials should meet the recipient’s specifications. Please check the details of what is accepted, operating hours, and handling requirements in order to have a smooth transaction.

Building materials have high reuse potential.Learn more.

Check out theNortheast Reuse Marketplaceto post materials online through a regional exchange.

Many charitable organizations accept materials such as furniture, office equipment, appliances, books, and clothing for donation and reuse. You could also set up an in-house “take it or leave it” area for things your business may generate that employees may find useful. Surplus office supplies or furniture, packing supplies, crates, pallets, or 5-gallon pails are some examples of materials that can be used by employees for personal use.

Check out ourReuse Resourcesfor more ideas that can help your business maximize re-use opportunities.